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kim bunney

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As a Nutrition Counsellor, I am so passionate about focusing on our emotional health to improve our physical health. I believe it’s all connected.
We need to start trusting our bodies again and letting them guide us back to health and vitality.

My mission is to help people find that place of pure self-love and content in themselves and in life.

 When we have the skills to manage and thrive in our lives, teamed up with genuine self care and a positive mindset , our nutrition habits and well being all fall into place.



*ESTRADA - Diploma of Counselling 
*Mind Body Eating Coach-  Institute of The Psychology of         Eating
*Silver Practitioner- Australian Centre for Eating Disorders
         -Psychological Approaches for Obesity
         -Eating Disorder Essentials 
*Precision Nutrition- The Essentials of Sport and Exercise           Nutrition
*Cadence  Accredited Certificate of Nutrition
*Cadence Wellness Coach Level 1
*Certified Mindset Specialist – Mindset Performance Institute
*Poliquin Biosignature Practitioner
*Mindfulness & Meditation Certificate – Centre of Excellence
*Eat to Perform Coach – Level 1 & 2
*Personal Trainer, Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness
*CrossFit Coach Level 1


Psychology student - Curtin University

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