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Mindset Nutrition's POW WOW's - Rom Hope

July 7, 2017

I am blessed to know so many amazing people in the wellness industry, all with wildly fascinating approaches to tackling health.

Mindset Nutrition Pow Wow's invite Health Guru's that I respect and admire to share some insight into their expertise's and views on Health, Mindset and Nutrition!


Introducing the amazing Rom Hope-Psychic Intuitive & Animal Communicator 



Tell us a little about yourself…


Where to start with this one?! The question I struggle with the most. J

Okay well, for a fleeting moment I contemplated studying commerce. Thank god I didn’t, I certainly wouldn’t be doing spiritual healing and psychic work!!! Instead I moved to Sydney in 1989 and worked for one of the pioneers of natural therapies in Australia. I learnt so much here and didn’t realise until much later how much of an influence that would be on my direction. The last 30 years I have spent immersed in the world of teaching movement, sports training, nutrition, meditation, psychic mediumship, soul realignment and energy medicine.

Fast forward to today, I am a spiritual teacher, a psychic medium for both people and animals and a spiritual healer. I have had a life long interest in ancient healing, particularly Chinese medicine and a lot of my teaching and personal practice revolves around working with energy and healing the emotional and mental body.

I have struggled with depression and I have spent some years in and out of hospitals and oncology wards (as a carer) and I know for certain these are places you never want to be. I am passionate about motivating and teaching people to find contentment, purpose and good health physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.


What do you wish was common knowledge when it comes to working with energies?


I wish everyone knew how profound the effects of working with energy was. Not only that, it’s so simple and accessible to everyone. When you work with energy consistently the body can turn its own healing wisdom on. How cool is that! Instead of getting older, sicker and more tired, we have the opportunity to become younger, healthier and have loads of energy for life.

Energy should flow freely through the body and in this chaotic world we live in it’s easily congested, through injury, stress, emotional trauma, poor nutrition, etc. We need some strategies to clear this congestion so the body can not only heal itself of mental, emotional and physical problems, but also for clarity, energy, coherence and alertness, etc.

And I also wish this was taught at school. There are so many tools to help with learning, comprehension and stress (and staying awake in boring classes!!!). J



What are your top 3 action steps to help maintain and boost energies?


Hhhmmm my top 3! So many things, but let’s see….

Okay, well I work with movement, sound, specific breathing techniques and visualisation and in no particular order here are my three:

  1. I absolutely love Qigong. It’s kind of the Grand Daddy to Tai Chi which most of you would have seen or heard of. It is an ancient Chinese practice that for thousands of years has been handed down from Master to student. It was a pretty secretive practice and I’m stoked that it’s made its way into the West and getting more available every year.

  2. Tracing Meridians is easy and when you know what you’re doing it only takes a few minutes. Meridians are the invisible energy highways that transport energy through the body. If you commit to this practice it will bring vitality and balance to your body, it’ll clear blockages and will turn on the body’s healing process.

  3. My number 3 would be a 5 minute energy routine that was developed by an amazingly gifted lady by the name of Donna Eden who has been teaching energy medicine since the 70s.


How can a physic reading help assist with your health, physically or emotionally?


I really love this part of my business. Never in a million years did I expect to be doing this, but it is one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. It can be incredibly life changing for people in such a positive way. Readings can give you guidance and direction on any physical, emotional or mental health problem you are struggling with. And because I can also communicate with animals, I can get this information from them as well.

If I see five people with depression they will all get different ways to work on it. No one issue has the same fix. The guidance is very specific to the person I’m seeing and everyone will get their own menu of healing suggestions. If it’s meditation that’s required, it’ll be very specific to them. If it’s about nutrition, information will come through with nutritional preferences. A lot of people will bring a list of foods they eat and we go through that. If it’s hydration (or more often dehydration) I will get shown how much water they need to be drinking. If it’s to clear a negative belief I will get instruction on how to deal with that (this is a huge issue by the way and one nearly everyone I see has to work on). If it’s energy medicine I will get specific exercises for that. If it’s physical exercise they need, again it will be specific to that person.

It’s important that I also mention that a Reading in itself can’t fix you; only you can do that. What it can do though is give you the clarity you need to help make decisions, it can shed light on seemingly unanswerable questions and it can give you direction to help in realigning your life.



Are there any messages that come through often from our guides in regards to health?


Oh yes there are. So many I could write about, but I’ll try not to get carried away!!!

There are so many problems with self love and one of the things I am told every time, and I mean 100% of the time, is that we are truly magnificent and we are beautiful. This can be really emotional for people when it comes up. I think because we innately know this and we desperately want to believe it, but we don’t like ourselves that much so it’s hard to. The little boy or girl in us just wants to be loved.

I often see problems with parent/child relationships. Especially the mother/daughter variety. While these relationships can be full of love in a beautiful way, energetically they can be stifling as most often the mother has far too much attachment to the child. This definitely must be addressed. If you feel like your parent has a hold over you, controls you, suffocates you, “needs” you in an attached “sticky” way, you’ll know exactly what I mean. This can relate to any kind of relationship actually, eg partners, ex-partners, children to parents, your boss, also people that have passed away, etc.

I would say 95% of my clients have some kind of emotional issue that needs to be dealt with. I have always spoken about how most physical problems having an emotional root (something Chinese medicine has understood for thousands of years) and I see it in Readings every single day. This can show up as a physical problem like cancer, liver issues, kidney disease, digestive disorders, hip pain, sore lower backs, shoulder problems, knee pain and so on. I am not saying this is true for everyone, but it’s worth looking at. If your disease/illness/pain is on the right hand side, this may relate to an issue with a male figure (father, uncle, partner, brother, etc). If the issue is on the left, like left breast, left lung, etc check out any dysfunctional female.

I see a lot of overweight people and they usually want dietary advice. More often than not this comes back to a childhood belief that needs to be addressed. Usually something along the lines of: I’m ugly, I’m dumb, I’m not worthy, I’m not good enough, I’m unlovable, etc. You get the picture. It doesn’t matter what you do with your diet and exercise, if you don’t sort out the root cause of why you’re struggling with your weight, nothing will change.

I’m lucky enough that I get to see the body’s energy and also the organs. Not everyone can see this so I’m very happy I’ve been given that gift. I see your meridians, I see your energy blocks and I see your chakras. While I see the physical organ, I can’t see specific illness or disease, but I do get shown when something needs to be looked at. I also get to see the emotional organ which is key to healing. For example, anger that has not been addressed for a long period of time can show up in the liver as some kind of issue or even cancer. Grief is stored in the lungs so if you have breathing or lung issues, check out what grief you haven’t dealt with. Fear lives in the kidneys. Resentment towards someone or a situation can show up in the shoulder joints as tightness, bursitis, pain that doesn’t go away. Neck, upper back and shoulders could be a problem with a mother figure. Jaw tension or grinding teeth can be holding back some angry feeling. Lower back pain can be connected to holding grudges.



I keep hearing about the Soul. Why should we really care?


Because when we listen to the Soul, life is in flow and the challenges aren’t challenges. I think a lot of us have lost touch with who we are and we’re just ticking boxes and getting life done and at some point there’s a separation, we lose our sense of purpose and start feeling quite lost. Whether you choose to believe it or not, we are our Soul. We’re not just a skeleton with muscles and organs that pops in for a few decades, dies, gets dropped in the ground and that’s it. Life could never be that simple. Way back when our Soul very first originates it comes with its own Divine nature and special gifts. Once the Soul has chosen the human body to spend its time with here on earth it wants you, the human, to experience the nature of its Soul. This is where it all goes awry, because a lot of the time we’re not doing that. Maybe you should be in the public speaking game and your parents and teachers spent your childhood telling you to be quiet. So you did what they asked and became quiet, left school and got a job sitting at a desk in the back of a bank! Aahhhhh horrible. Do you think you’re living your Divine nature there? If life is damn hard work and full of obstacles you’re probably not following your Soul’s purpose.


What would you like to see more of in this world?


I would love everyone to learn about energy and make it a part of their life. It would also be amazing if more people understood the psychic world and had Readings not just for themselves, but for their pets. I’m pretty passionate about animal welfare so I’d also love for zoos, animal parks, wildlife sanctuaries, etc to connect with the animal communication world more. And lastly I would love everyone to have a Soul Reading and live their Divinity and not a life of slog.


What is your all time fav piece of advice?


Sort of one, but really three things that have always stuck with me are: there are always two sides to a story, don’t judge and there is no such thing as right or wrong.


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