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I am available to bring any one of my seminars to you and your friends, colleagues, gym buddies, mothers group etc. Simply contact me for more details.


This is not a cookie cutter nutrition seminar where you come away with a list of naughty and nice foods, clean eating recipes and bunch of restrictions to feel down on yourself about.

I believe that in order to have a healthy body, one must first have a healthy mind. I approach the discussion of Mindset and Nutrition with a mix of psychology, science and holistic views to help you navigate your way to a healthy relationship with food, mind and your body.

I will give you simple tools to build awareness and understand how your mindset may be holding you back from your nutrition and health goals.

And you will learn all you need to know about Macronutrients, eating for activity and energy levels, weight loss, stress management, a healthy body composition and a better understanding of what your body needs to thrive.


We are the next generation’s teachers! This seminar is to help you be the example and role model a healthy relationship with food and your body so that we can give our children the best start in life.

Some Topics We will cover:

-Recognising Eating Disorders and disordered eating
- How we can help our children to have healthy mindsets, strong self-esteem and great emotional health, in order to avoid potential future disordered eating.
-Stress & Coping Strategies
-Role Modelling to love and respect our bodies
-What does a healthy relationship with food look like?
-Toxic Nutritional habits that we're passing onto our children
-Nutrition Principles 

Body Wisdom

This seminar is useful to anyone that has an influence in a child's life.


Teamed up with the lovely Jade Reynolds of the Fulfilment Project.
Jade is a Qualified Occupational Therapist and Woman's Wellness Coach.

Ladies! It is time to take back the power!! This workshop helps you to understand how your unconscious daily stress and anxiety, is effecting not only your happiness and self-esteem, but your overall wellness. Together, Jade & Kim hope to create more awareness of the areas you're creating unnecessary stress and anxiety in your life, and hope to give you the tools, to tackle it head on.

Topics discussed include:

- What is Stress & Anxiety?
- Creating Positive Body Image
- Energy Management

- The Impact of Emotional Health on Gut Health & Digestion
- Mindful Eating
- Occupation and Anxiety
- The Vicious Cycle of Anxiety
-Techniques to manage anxiety

This workshop wraps up with time for questions and a guided meditation.


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