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monthly memberships - $60 per week 

Making a change can be hard, especially when we're stuck in a Mindset that's not conducive to our goals. 

I've created my monthly memberships to give you monthly consults and 24/7 support.

We always start out, full of motivation with the of best intentions only to find our sneaky self sabotaging ways creeping back in.
I want to hold you hand through these!!

Scared to eat more food, having a bad body image day, need someone to debrief and de-stress to, I'll be there!!

Not sure how to fit those extra macros in, what to choose from the menu or need an ally when you're about the binge? I'll be there!!

Over 12 weeks you will receive:

- 1 x 90 min Initial Consult valued at $150 
- 2 x 60 min Follow up Consults valued at $160
- Personal Macros or Nutrition Guidelines 
- 24/7 contact over Facebook, text or email for as many pep talks, de-briefs and pick me up as you need.

These memberships will only lock you in for 12 weeks at a time with option to renew. 

My membership numbers will always be capped so I can focus my attention on helping each of you.

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