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This is not your average nutrition challenge where you show up and I ban fun for 30 days straight. Nor is it a 6 week challenge to rapid weight lose that is likely to come back quicker than you lost it. 
Weight loss is not something that should be done overnight if you want it to be sustainable. 
Successful long term weight loss is affected by many lifestyle factors including your emotional health. 
In this challenge we will set you up with nutrition habits that are easily maintained in any lifestyle. And we will delve into mindset and lifestyle factors that may be holding you back from a healthy relationship with food, mind and body.


Each challenge will kick off with a 90 min Mindset Nutrition Seminar.

Then throughout the challenge we will cover: 

Stress Management & Response 
Body Wisdom
Balanced Meals
Calorie Intake 
Pleasure and Relaxation 
Body Image 
Eating Rhythms
Personal Goals
and Recovery 

This is so much more than a food challenge, this goes deeper into human behaviour, challenging your thoughts and habits to set you up for better results long term.

Available to any group of 10 people. I will come to you for the seminar and the rest of the challenge will be conducted together through a private Facebook group.

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