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Happy New Year!!

I’m seeing a pleasing amount of posts this year resoluting to make some positive changes with less focus on weight. It’s truly refreshing to see people’s priorities and mindsets shifting.

Having said that... overtime sometimes our old negative though...

August 9, 2017

Mindset Nutrition POW WOW's- The Body Series invites people to share their personal journeys with food, mind and body. By Sharing, we help others heal.

NICOLE ROBINSON (My Sister!!) and Owner of CrossFit Margaret River, Western Australia. 

These photos are both taken i...

All woman at one point or another have had a goal for their bodies, whether it is to be a “goal weight”, to look like an Insta celeb, to have 6 pack abs or to be a certain shape- thigh gap, squat booty, waif like model etc.
The problem with having a goal like this, is...

Counting macro's can be a useful tool but it needs to be used for the right reasons and with a healthy mindset towards food and body image.

Many people misinterpret or underestimate the importance of Self-Love when it comes to achieving your goals. This Blog Post explains why Self-Love must come first.

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