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I was a practicing Nutrition Coach for around a year before I found the Institute of the Psychology of Eating (IPE). I was seeing over and over again, that I could write the most detailed personalised plans but very few people could consistently stick them. I just knew in my heart that there was more to it…


I have so much love for IPE, to say it blew my mind was an absolute understatement. Not only did it completely evolve the way I help my clients change their lives, it helped me to heal my own relationship with food and my body and lead me to find answers to health problems that I had been struggling with for the better part of 3 years.  

I had been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue and Stress. I tried everything! Every diet and supplement under the sun, Kinesiology, Naturopaths, MRI scans, Endocrinologists, Meditation and still I struggled with daily symptoms and zero solutions.
 It wasn’t until half way through my studies I realised that, I had been dealing with PTSD from an undigested traumatic event that I had failed to process. It was then, that I made the connection of just how important it is, to take care of our emotional health in order to have optimal physical health.
It became very clear to me,  how connected our thoughts and emotions were to our daily behaviours and that having a healthy mental head space was our first line of defence in achieving our health and wellness goals.

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