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1 on 1 consults

I am available to consult on any of the following:

Stress & Management
Digestive Complaints
Body Image
Weight loss & Gain
Fatigue & Energy Issues
Sleep Hygiene
Mood Complaints
Performance & Recovery
Eating enough for activity levels

Disordered Eating
   -Binge and Compulsive Eating 
   -Chronic Dieting and Undereating
   -Stress and Emotional Eating


And Macro Nutrition Plans

90 mins Initial Consult - $150

I like to take my time with our first meeting so that I can get to know as much about you as possible! Your goals, motivations, obstacles, lifestyle habits, physical health and symptoms, emotional health, passions, personal history,  past traumas and current relationships with food and your body.
 believe it is all connected and can uncover valuable information for us to work through any unwanted habits, heal symptoms, and set you up for a healthy relationship with food, mind and your body.

60 min Follow Up - $80

After our initial consultation, I see my clients every 2-4 weeks. This allows you time to go away, do some growth homework and put in place some new habits.
When we follow up again and you have mastered the last goals set, we can plan new goals to focus on for the upcoming month. This approach allows you the time and space to create new habits without feeling overwhelmed so they are more likely to stick.
We will also discuss how life has unfolded for you in the past few weeks, which will generally lead us to where our work needs to flow.

Detailed Nutrition Plan - additional $50

I believe that counting calories in some circumstances can be a useful tool. I’ve found it to work well with clients that are excessively under-eating or are focused on performance.
We need to be conscious of the fact that it can breed unnecessary obsession and control with food, which is why each client that requests a detailed plan will be assessed individually.
Your Macro plan will provide you with a high, med and low macro and calorie target, that have been calculated using your personal stats, training schedule and activity levels.
It will come with a sample of each day using foods you enjoy and instructions on how to track your macros, macro timing, using My Fitness Pal and cycling your carbs correctly.
These consults will also address any lifestyle and mindset factors that may have an impact on your goals.


*names have been changed to protect privacy

"When I first started with Kim, I knew I needed help but I didn’t want to admit it. Which meant that for every consult for the first 4-6 months I would barely say a word – all one word answers and I’m sure a practitioners nightmare. But everything she would be discussing I would absorb and slowly over time she got me to talk more and more.

Kim helped me overcome an eating disorder which for the 9 years before I started working with her was getting progressively more out of control, regardless of who or how I tried to get help. Kim was the only one who talked to me more like a friend then a counsellor which really resonated with me.

She helped me overcome the unhealthy relationship I had with food, my body and exercise as well as my confidence and self-acceptance and the ability to start letting others into my life. I can’t thank her enough for helping me to finally have kicked away everything that controlled my life for such a long time."





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